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    this question is stupid - of course the ps3 is better than the xbox360 xP

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    if you ask me i would say look at the failure rate of the 360, right now the graphics on the PS3 are starting to look better than what the 360 can produce and almost ALL of my friends who are pretty hard core gamers, their xbox's died RROD

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    I have a PS3 and an Xbox360 console and I think that both consoles are great.
    Both console has her own advantages. The X360 is good to modify (you can paly games cheap).

    And the PS3 can play BR... I think in the future, the PS3 would win, but in the meantime, Iīm happy that i have a X360 and a PS3

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    ps3 is definitely better than x360

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    Thatīs pretty much trivial discussion? Who is better Chelsea or Real Madrid... there are no objective facts to support that, specially if this involves passion. So...

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