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Thread: PS3 better than XBOX 360?

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    bluekonoko Guest
    xbox 360 -> the ring of death, it's a big problem :/

    PS3 -> MGS4 and FFXIII

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    varaques Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Krakaslap View Post
    most xbox fans just dont understand what you can do with the ps3 that you cant with the xbox. for instance there's blu-ray and linux
    linux can run on the 360 too.. but you have to mod it. and theres a rumor flying around that a bluray add-on is coming to the 360... but like i said its just a rumor it hasnt been confirmed yet.

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    t3nk3n Guest
    I have both I find xbox 360 limited appeal and they seem to revise their console to get gain profits rather than quality. The PS3 have extremely high ability once the they start using all the SPU, once GT5 or FF13 get release, we'll get what PS3 can do.

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    Drakhen Guest
    I too have both systems, and I find this topic way over played... Yes both systems have there high points to them.

    I mainly do use the Ps3 for a blu ray player and find myself doing my gaming on the 360 more, I do agree the ps3 player looks better then the hd addon for the 360 the online for the 360 is alot better do to the fact of there market place, ease of finding a freind and joining a game with him/her but overall if you really want the best way to go by both, hell through a Wii in there as well.

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    steven789 Guest
    xbox360 is bad

    -free to play online
    -they are stil making ps3 games

    -many games

    now why xbox 360 sux:
    -you have to pay to play online
    -30% of xbox360 gets ring of dead (ps3 only 0.2%)

    PS3 is the best

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    demon4121 Guest
    I don't think anyone will ever stop complaining about which is better, and just realize the similarities.

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    explain764 Guest
    PS3 has more functionality, bottom line.

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    Durandal Guest
    Owning both, I gotta say that the 360 benefits a lot from being made by a software company (which has it's downsides too, of course). This latest debacle with 2.40 really brought that home to me. Sure, the XMB is pretty, as is the PS3, but it was smart of MS to mandate in-game access to the system menu and custom music from day 1. Just like sony reserves one SPE and can take a 2nd when necessary, MS reserves the use of ~10% of the processor time of one hardware thread each of core's 1 and 2 (the other hardware threads on cores 1 and 2, and both hardware threads on core 0 are always free for the developer). So it's not magic or anything that allows MS to have the in-game mini dashboard and custom soundtracks in every single Xbox 360 game, but rather just having forethought and software design experience to make certain demands of their game developers (and then provide them the tools to meet those demands).

    PS3 definitely has MS beat on some hardware features, though - sure the Xbox has HDMI support now, but it's nowhere near as nice as the PS3's. With PS3 I can just plug the cable in to my PS3 and surround sound receiver (or TV) and let the system detect and used the best settings available. The PS3 also supports multichannel LPCM (uncompressed audio) over HDMI, while the Xbox 360 only supports Dolby Digital, and mabye DTS bitstream passthrough from movies (haven't checked that recently).

    Both systems are great for different things, and both systems are going to keep getting better I think. That said, I think this will be the PS3's year to shine, with MGS4, and hopefully an open beta of Home and the release of FFXIII later this year.

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    billybro1999 Guest
    Well The PS3 is better to me because, for starters, I've had a couple friends that own 360's, and all of them have gone through more than 2 units each. RRoD seems to be extremely common with the system. which to me it doesnt matter what it is or how good the games are, if the system won't hold up what use is it. I'm proud to say I've had my PS2 for at least 7 years, and it's been modded for 5 and I've had absolutely no Issue's with it (other than the occasional worn laser from playing backups) and So Far my PS3 runs Like a champ, I've only had a few lock ups, and most of them were while I was using the internet browser.

    Sure 360 has some really great games, but all of those games are on my PC as well, and they look a whole lot better on my PC than they would on a console My 512 mb Nvidia sees to that. PS3 has bluetooth, no other wireless technology even compares to it. and once the dev's get the PS3 cracked open, OH BOY! just wait to see what else it can do.

    Look at the PS2 when that got unlocked, that system would only play DVD's music cd's and games, when it was, now we have linux, Massive media players for it, you can play games off HDD's which the system wasn't even really designed to do. We have tons of Emulators. Just wait. 360 has peaked while PS3 is just getting started!

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    anorak2001 Guest


    Also if you do the math and take into account that the PS3 comes with wireless, blu ray and free online gaming BARGIN!!!!!and now the quality the the games are surpassing the Metal Gear Solid 4 (I knows its only 1 but more are coming)

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