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Thread: PS3 beeps only three times help?

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    brun0 Guest

    PS3 beeps only three times help?


    I've updated my PS3 to Rogeros CFW 4.21 the first day after release and bricked my Console. Only black screen, nothing else. Now I received an E3 Flasher and tried Rogeros recovery method.

    I wrote the patched NOR, now I try to enter Factory Mode but my PS3 only beeps 3 times every time I press the eject button. It beeps 3 times even if the console is powered off and the eject button is pressed, but the Console won't power off.

    I also tried to soldier E3's SBE point to TRISTATE and wrote the NOR again. Effect is the same. Beeps 3 times eben if powered off.

    What else can I try to recover my console?

    It's a CECH-2503B with 0D Date Code.

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    cucu21 Guest
    did you try e3?

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    brun0 Guest
    No, because I don't have one. I tried to flash my bricked NOR back, it also only beeps with this version.

    I have a Teensy 2++ with PSgrade payload. It doesn't matter if the USB Dongle is connected or not, it only beeps and do nothing else.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Post up your first dump before you changed anything on it and i will look at it and see if i can help that way. thanks

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