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Thread: PS3 BD Drive Controller Board Faulty

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    BwE Guest

    PS3 BD Drive Controller Board Faulty

    I got a ps3 in today which wouldnt accept the disc, i put in the slot - blue light flashes and it doesnt pull the disc in.

    i tried opening it up messed around... nothing worked. i then swapped the controller board from a working drive from another ps3 and it worked.

    i then put the controller board that i had just taken out into the working drive and now that one doesnt work. so i've come to the conclusion that the controller board is faulty.

    is there any solution to this problem?

    i can't use the other controller board as it wont read discs with it because its not signed to that ps3....

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    EiKii Guest

    some days ago i had the samer error while replacing the "laser module" with the now one it just blinked but didnt swallow the disc, and putted in the old laser module it worked, so had to take another new module and it worked flawless,

    the module was faulty, it sounds like its the controller board but maybe try swap the laser with the old controller board just a suggestion tho

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    BwE Guest
    can't be the laser? it can't even get to the laser :S

    i've seen on the net i have to replace the board and remove the chip that has the key on it and put it on the new one.

    major effort - i'm sure theres another way!

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    EiKii Guest
    well as i said i did put in a faulty laser and the only thing the drive did was blink the blue disc lamp and puched the disc back, and that was becouse the laser that was the replacement had to take another one, so for a fact yes it can be the laser, dunno what was wrong with it tho, the secont replacement laser worked fine he would take disc in fine.

    but as i said it do sounds like the board as it take the disc in, just added what happened to me hehe.

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    BwE Guest
    i really need to narrow down the issue. my other ps3 just got this problem now. its really pissing me off - i have 2 ps3s with the same mystery issue. i need to find out what a faulty board does to the ps3? - does a faulty board accept discs?

    could it be the little 9v motor? could it be something else?! at one stage i could hold the eject button and itd pull the disc in and shoot it out but now that doesnt even work.

    so it just looks like the ps3 is getting worse.

    found a video of exactly what my ps3's are doing:

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    EiKii Guest
    maybe this is what you should get PLAYSTATION 3 PS3 BLU-RAY OPTICAL DRIVE SENSOR + WIRE

    * Compatible with all KEM-400AAA Drive
    * It'll solve most issue of burnt out sensor board where the ps3 no longer accepts disk into the drive
    * Please make sure you know how to do it before placing any order

    but i don't know, atleast that one was cheap and sounds like the problem you might had, what are the odds of 2 ps3 with same problem in that short of time? maybe you accidently hit it or pulled out that cable while switching controller board?

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    Darkar Guest


    Quote Originally Posted by EiKii View Post
    maybe this is what you should get
    sounds about right to me fella

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