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Thread: PS3 bd busted help?

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    adeeb222 Guest

    PS3 bd busted help?

    Ok my phat ps3. Bd busted I am on cfw so which manager cani use to run Game diskless. I heard gia manager does it if yes plz tell me how no so tell which manager plz don't tell to flash Any other cfw

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    drphuz Guest
    What firmware are you on? And there are much better backup managers than GAIA for lower firmwares. RogeroMan was a good one and even earlier Multimans, and not to mention the king... Hermes.

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    misiozol Guest
    To get 100% discless install rogero hybrid CFW 4.46 combined with newest multiman

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    adeeb222 Guest
    Ok so the thing is I have sent it to my Game shop too see he told that I may need to change bd so if you want tell I may ask him to install Rogero hybrid and with Latest multiman so what should I do to start games 100% discless and the other poster my cfw will be rogero hybrid

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    ripplar Guest
    I use Rogero 4.46 with cfw 7.0 it runs disc less and runs all my ps2 games.. Not That this is not a BC console either. I was amazed.

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    adeeb222 Guest
    so pls give me links for all the files needed

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    misiozol Guest
    How about you make bit of effort and use search option , everything is here on forum

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    adeeb222 Guest
    I'll find the link that ain't the prob just tell me the perfect files that I need I'll download em

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    misiozol Guest
    All is there

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    adeeb222 Guest
    I'll download rogero hybrid firmware with multiman

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