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    demon1984 Guest

    Red Face PS3 Backwards compatibility help

    I have an 80gb(NTSC) Serial#:CK011393993-CECHK01 & it's not PS2 backwards compatible at all but it plays PS1 games & i was wondering if there is a download patch or something on this site i can download or whatever so i can play PS2 games on it! Sorry if this has been asked before!

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    Apr 2005
    At this time there is no known way/patch/etc to make it PS2 backwards compatible.. if the PS3 has only (2) USB ports then sadly you are stuck until a solution surfaces.

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    demon1984 Guest
    Alright dude thanx alot for the quick reply & hopefully sometime in the future some1 can figure out how 2 do this!

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    victorinox Guest

    Japanese ps2 games...

    since im too lazy to get swap magic, and i dont really want to risk my system.. does it even install anything, because i dont see how it can brick it?

    since we can access the other regions PSN shop, i want to know if i download the Japanese ps2 software emulation patch, would that enable me to play japanese games, or is that just a pipe dream?

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    turpsicon Guest
    For demo content (maybe), the actual game, i don't know.

    If Sony created just a simple patch or add-on to allow people to play PS2 & PS1 games, i'd be a happy camper...

    I don't see much of a difference in the coding when i looked (a while back) at the volume of the cd's/dvd's, so... they should be able to work on something. I've seen this patch or add-on for ps2, i'm not exactly sure what it does... or remember the details but, maybe it's got something to do with ps2 games?

    Who knows... I just don't understand how the PS3 (even though it's not the 60 gig), play backward compatible media by just adjusting the software. Now people have to revert to things like, swap magic, hd loader.... etc...

    Oh well...

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