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    suicideknight69 Guest

    Thumbs Down PS3 backwards compatability

    i hated the fact i had to buy a ps2 since my ps3 will not play ps2 games.

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    jd200 Guest


    buy a 60 gig ps3 then do a mod or swap magic

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    adshead Guest
    apparently u can play ps2 games on a 40gb but u need an original cd copy of swapmagic 3.6 i think but the video's on youtube.

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    Xil Guest
    You can sell your PS3 and get a PS2 compatible unit
    To be sure, you need to check the Unit prefix

    Hardware PS2 Compatibility

    Software PS2 Compatibility

    If the unit have a different prefix, it can't play PS2 games
    If you have a compatible unit, you can do the "eject mod" to use imported games and ...

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