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Thread: PS3 Backups - Myth Or ?

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    DestriAero Guest

    PS3 Backups - Myth Or ?

    Hey, guys/gals.

    Sorry to reiterate if this question has been asked before. If I just burned an image of a Sony PS3 BluRay Game would it work?

    If not, what steps would PS3 take to validate a mass-produced cd.


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    jd200 Guest


    no it wont work theres no hack yet to play a ps3 game burned onto a blu ray disc i have blu ray burner and it dont work with BD-RE disc

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    DestriAero Guest
    Did you make an exact copy using the linux installed on ps3? I remember there was some procedure to get a full image.

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    MrXToTheN Guest
    of course it won't work. Sony isn't stupid. Sony won't just allow burning games and let you play them. There is security on originals that the PS3 looks for and it can't be burned.

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    footylad Guest

    hehe :)

    If it was that simple, we wouldn't be on this forum now would we, ripping the PS3 Appart to find the smallest of a flaw!


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    w2k02 Guest
    No, you can make your backups but ps3 doesn't load it.

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