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    wderbi Guest

    PS3 Backups on External USB HDD not working help?

    Ok... I got a 2TB harddrive with Backups of PS3 games saved on the HD about 2 yrs ago and its been working fine while I was running Kmeaw 3.55 firmware with multiman 2.01. However, last week, I updated to the newest CFW (Rebug 4.30) and updated Multiman to 4.40. Now, the games on the hard drive will not launch.

    Do I need to patch games on the hard drive for them to work with the latest custom PS3 firmware?

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    JeoWay Guest
    Have you tried Rogero 4.30 CFW v2? I would try to boot them from there and see if its the firmware problem. The firmware you are currently running may require you to patch those games again for 4.XX. I heard Rogero v2 doesn't require this. If they still don't work, then there must be something wrong with the HDD in general.

    I would try Rogero 4.30 v2 and see if it works then. If so, then its a problem with the firmware. Otherwise, you can use whatever CFW you want but you would just need to patch them for 4.XX (corresponding to your cfw version)

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    babyjoe00069 Guest
    2 things as well: make sure the hdd is formatted to fat32 obviously, make sure games are in games folder which i'm sure they are, make sure you rescan drive

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    wderbi Guest
    I will try Rogero 4.30 v2 as you suggest. FWIW, I purchased the HD from a commercial vendor.

    Yes, it is FAT32 formatted and most of the games I tried launched perfectly fine in Kmeaw 3.55. It was only after updating the firmware that I am now having issues.

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