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Thread: PS3 backups external hdd questions

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    skinz187 Guest

    PS3 backups external hdd questions

    i'm thinking of purchasing an external hdd for storage, but i have a couple of questions regarding backups with external hdd

    1. when backing up a game with external hdd connected via usb, does backup manager give you the choice of whether you want to store backup on internal hdd or external hdd?

    2. will ps3 backup games to external hdd if the game has files > 4GB?

    3. if a backup is put on the external hdd via ftp, will the ps3 play that backup if it has files > 4GB?

    4. is the internal hdd the only option for playing a game that has files > 4GB?

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    EiKii Guest
    for the moment ps3 can only read fat external and that doesent support files greater then 4gb

    1, yes you will be able to choose wich to use,

    2, not sure about if it will i think it will but if there is files larger then 4gb they will be missing and not work imo

    3, the external has to be fat32 (for now) and it only support files 4gb max, rumors says it might be ntfs support soon and that would mean there is no problem as ntfs can tak way of 4gb files,

    4, for now yes, but as i said rumors say i.e ntfs will be supported then there would not be any problem,

    imho in the future there most probably will be support for some other filesystem like ntfs or some linux ext2,3,4 perhaps,

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