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Thread: PS3 Backups bugging?

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    Blebleman Guest

    PS3 Backups bugging?

    I've searched a lot for this, so I have to ask!

    I've had numerous graphical glitches in games, namely Front Mission Evolved, Naughty Bear, and I've got one game that completely freezes on me that is supposed to work fine -- Hokuto Musou.

    Does anyone else have these glitches? I'm on an iPhone3G payload, running the original BM, tried all games both Internal and External, with same results.

    I've never had these glitches with disc-based games. I've also heard rumors that compatibility varies on which disc is in the drive... are these true?

    Thanks for the help!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    If it is having problems on BOTH internal and external drives with the same game(s) I'd most probably suspect either bad rip or corrupted files during copying or FTP-ing the game folders accross. And yes - some (intenal mainly) drives can behave a bit "badly" but usually setting the SATA speed on those manually to SATA I / 150 Gb would resolve the problem - either via jumper directly on the drive or by software utility available from the manufacturer.

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    Blebleman Guest
    Just to inform future thread readers :

    I've done some research, and it seems the graphical artifacts are not from the Backups/Backup Manager/Payload, but possible heat damage to the PS3's GPU.

    Don't forget to clean your vents.

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