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Thread: PS3 backups

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    ikalel Guest

    PS3 backups

    Hi, I have many PS3 games, however given the amount of money they represent I would like to back them up on my Linux Yellow Dog - Other Os and use them when needed, any ideas?

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    Apr 2005


    You can't play them, but you can back them up in Linux via the guide here: http://ps3.ps4news.com

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    racer0018 Guest
    I use to backup alot of games, but now that there is no hack for ps3 i just stopped for the time being and i am waiting for something to comeout.

    Thanks Frost

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    tobeuo Guest
    If there is no hack for them, why are there so many ps3 game images? And what's up with this list?


    I am new to the forum, so please forgive me if this is a taboo subject.

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    Apr 2005
    The list is to keep track of which PS3 titles have been released on the Internet, and which Firmware they each have. People just release them because they can (often so those on topsites can maintain their 'leech' slots )... the same as GameCube images were released 2-3 years before the first GameCube mod-chip came out.

    For now, the only thing they are good for is collecting and archiving mostly, and of course examining the files in each too.

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    aussie0275 Guest
    the quicker there is a hack, the better, i don't want to scratch these puppies!

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    ec1baller Guest
    i thought u werent able to play back ups

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    Apr 2005
    Nobody said you were... so you are correct.

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    SniprSnake Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by aussie0275 View Post
    the quicker there is a hack, the better, i don't want to scratch these puppies!
    ps3 bluray games have a protective layer that resist scratching... unless your using sand paper

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    aliff Guest
    Yup all Blu Ray discs have a protective layer, I remember a friend of mine got a BD movies that was being stepped and rub on a floor by his 6 yr old nephew and at that time he was like WTF...but when he took and checked it, there were no scratches at all...I'm also was amazed...if that would be a DVD, I'm sure it won't playback anymore.

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