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Thread: ps3 backup manager help?

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    naz999 Guest

    ps3 backup manager help?

    Hi all, can someone pls help me, I have a ps3 ver 3.41 fmware using ipod mini and ps groove. I installed a new hard drive and now am looking to re install an open manager or a backup manager. The one I had previously was installed by the person I bought the ps3 from and I dont know which version of open mgr it was. The thing I liked about that one was that it gave me the options of

    1. Installing from disc to internal or external Hdd
    2. Installing from External Hdd to Internal Hdd
    3. Installing from Internal Hdd to External Hdd

    I have just installed a Backup manager and this one just allows me to back up my original game to my external and Internal Hdd. It shows all the games that I have on my external Hdd but it does not does give me the option of moving games from my external Hdd to my new bigger Internal Hdd. When I highlight any game the options it gives are x: Load //: Delete and nothing else, no copy options at all.

    So I would appreciate it if someone can suggest an open manager or backup manager preferably the newest one that will work with ver 3.41 and give me all the options needed, also do i just install it over the old backup mgr or do i have to delete the old one first thanks.

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    kingchris Guest
    you can use Gaja Manager or Multiman.


    + the BDEMU Pack

    and you can update to 3.55 and install one of the Modded Firmwares. i prefer Kmeaw.

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