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Thread: PS3 backup manager help?

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    JimmyPhantom Guest

    PS3 backup manager help?

    So i installed backup manager on my ps3. I was able to backup madden 11. I put a ncaa 11 in the drive so I can play madden. When i click to load madden the screen turns black for a few secs then goes back to the XMB. can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong? any help is appreciated.

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    soldier Guest
    After loading madden and it going to xmb, go to the ps3 game as you normally would and press x. In this case, it would be madden even though you have another disc in the drive.

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    Natepig Guest
    On the Compatibility List is says that madden 11 needs to be played from external hdd.

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    JimmyPhantom Guest
    how do i put it on an external hdd? everytime I connect my 500gb it doesnt read it.

    i also backed up mlb 08 the show. the same exact thing happend.

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    matrixdts Guest
    If iI remember rightly you need to create a folder on your external drive called GAMEZ in capital letters the ps3 apparently will only read folders that have capitals. This folder has to be placed on the root directory of the external drive. The drive also has to be formatted as a fat32 drive and NOT ntfs as ps3 will not read it. Please anyone correct me if i'm wrong.

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    JimmyPhantom Guest
    then how do i copy it over?

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    JedTanner Guest
    1. Ensure your 500GB drive is formatted using FAT32 as mentioned previously and test this first by connecting it to your PS3 to find out if it sees it.
    2. Use backup manager (or any file manager on your ps3) to copy the game to your external usb. Or, if you have the game available in your PC/Laptop, connect your 500GB drive, create a GAMEZ folder and copy the game into it.
    3. Once you verify your game is loading from external, you can now delete it from your internal if you prefer.

    Note: To format your 500gb drive to FAT32, there are tools available that were posted by users in this site.

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    CJPC Guest
    Your HDD needs to be FAT32 formatted, if it is not - it will not work in the PS3. Of course, formatting the HDD FAT32 will erase all of the data off (unless its backed up first).

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    JimmyPhantom Guest
    ok i will try this. But why did the mlb 08 the show not work?

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