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    ryanl33x1511 Guest

    which PS3 backup manager is the best ?


    with many great coders out there, and make many great back up managers for our jailbreak ps3, but to be honest im getting lost. I see many versions backup out there and every differences than other. But can we just have one backup that have all features ? Im currently use Gaia Manager RC10 and its working great.. Can you guys point out the advantages and disadvantages comparing with other back up manager?

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    bl0wme Guest
    I too would appreciate it this, I'm sure everyone is after the same thing which is to play backups w/wo disc, be able to update games. And be able to run from internal &/or external. So why the need to have 5 different types of backup managers?

    Can't we have 1 team working on 1 ultimate backup manager to suit all needs?

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    New Guy Guest
    its a personal preference thing. i enjoy open manager and gaia managers..

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