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Thread: PS3 backup failure 800283E4 error

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    Exclamation PS3 backup failure 800283E4 error

    After trying to do this simple task of backing up my PS3 (60GB), this number shows up (800283E4) and 1 line...." The back up operation could not be completed." nothing else. No explanation, no clue of "why?" this is.

    To me this is not user friendly in the least.. I am not a robot, I don`t speak numbers... the issue might be something relatively simple but I can`t find answer yet as to what this number means (800283E4) I am not so unique that I am the only one with this problem, but it seems so cause I have E-mailed and they give me links to look it up myself.

    I looked at those links myself before I contacted them and couldn`t find anything on this... one Q.. one A.. too easy. If anyone else has an answer, please tell me what this # means when I try to back up my PS3 800283E4.

    I need to expand my harddrive and this is in my way, please tell me I`m tired of watching all these 12 year olds on youtube do it in 20 mins or less, And me, I`m lost... help me find my way

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    Ya, apparently it may be a PS3 backup utility error.. at least according to this thread. A possible fix to try:
    I bought a Western Digital 500GB External HDD with USB 2.0

    My PS3 "DOES" recognize it. I can view videos, music and everything else with it plugged into my PS3.

    First Try: I have tried backing it up the first time. It gave me the same error.

    Second: I then kept it plugged in.. restarted PS3, turned it back on then tried it again. Wallah! Its working!

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