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Thread: PS3 backing up games problem help?

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    PS3 backing up games problem help?

    hello, i'm fairly new (noob) to the PS3 Hacking Scene, so please bare with me. i am running Rebug 4.46.1 D-Rex on my Slim PS3.

    my personal aim is to back up all the games from my PS3 console to an external 4TB HDD (Windows Formatted).

    when using Filezilla PC>>>PS3 Console -- i have NO problems.
    when transferring PS3>>>PC -- i get major/multiple D/C--PS3 Freezes--Missing Files--etc etc..

    as we all know when backing up games via disc/cd/dvd on our PS3 consoles we encounter games like "LEGO Batman" which is 06.97GB with 036 files & 04 folders.

    then we come across a game like "The Simpsons" which is 06.80GB with 30, 065 files & 716 folders. most of my problems begin with games like "The Simpsons".

    when i was using multi-man on a previous PS3 console (im now running PS3ITA_Manager_v1.51 due to not being able to successfully install multi-man on my newer console) i noticed you could convert back ups to ".ISO" format without replacing original backup.

    this would be perfect for me to transfer the single ".ISO" to my PC with no problems. unfortunately multi-man is not an option, i searched some programs/apps and could only find PC ".ISO" Making Programs (which is no good for me because i can not ensure that filezilla has transferred every game file 100%). is there any PS3 apps/.pkg similar to the add on in multi-man i could use to make ".ISO" files??

    Thanks for your time everyone.

    hello again, problem solved.. thanks anyway!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgraham7 View Post
    hello again, problem solved.. thanks anyway!!
    Glad to hear ya sorted it out, thread closed per request!

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