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Thread: PS3 Back Up Resign help?

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    primetime43 Guest

    PS3 Back Up Resign help?

    Since we can resign game saves to other ps3s, why can't we do it for back ups. What if somebody made a back up and, then somebody could download it to their computer and use a tool that would allow you to resign the back up to your ps3, so then you could restore your ps3 to that back up. Would we just have to some how figure out how to resign/hack the back ups like we did with game saves.

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    racer0018 Guest
    Are you talking about game backups. Cause if you are they dont marry to the ps3. And you can mod some backups of games. thanks and let me know if that is what you are talking about.

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    primetime43 Guest
    I'm talking about system back ups, not game back ups.

    Go to Settings<System Settings<Backup Utility<Back Up<Choose to back it up to your usb. Then you take the back up and upload it so somebody else can download it and go back to the same place, but instead of choosing back up, you chose restore, and then it will restore that person's back up that you downloaded, and then you will have the modded game data from that person's back up.

    We need to find where in there is your ps3 console id that its signed to. And then resign it to somebody else's ps3 console id and see if they're able to restore their ps3 with the back up.

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    G Sus Guest
    what exactly are you trying to achieve?

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