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    pimix2009 Guest

    Question PS3 Back up Games and Copying Games help?

    For some reason I can't back up games like Call of Duty Black Ops and World At War, the backup manager starts then stops in when it reaches about 11GB. Is there a backup manager that's been able to copy these games?

    Also I can't copy some of my games from my NTFS 1TB hard drive to my 500GB Fat32 Hard Drive, is there a possible way to do this ? I keep getting error message saying there isn't enough space when I got plenty.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    What backup manager are you using? I backed up both of those games with no issues using Multiman 2.02. And try copying the games from the NTFS drive to your Desktop then re-copy to the Fat32 drive and make sure that the FAT drive is formatted correctly.

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    pimix2009 Guest
    I'm using Multiman 2.03 and I read somewhere it says that Fat32 can't copy a file that's bigger than 4gb.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    Multiman should split the files if installing to external. For games with files bigger than 4GB just install to the internal drive it can handle 4GB+ files.

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    pimix2009 Guest
    I tried multiman 2.02 and the latest one, for some reason these two games of call of duty stop copying around 11gb even though the game disc seems to be in good condition.

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    severusx Guest
    Check the free space on your drives? I have both games backed up from original discs and it works fine.

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    TheShroomster Guest
    Before the laser crapped out on my 40 gig fat i was trying to back up FFXIII and it would get like 80% and freeze. I would reboot the PS3 and it would run again but would never finish. It could be a sign of the laser messing up after reading the disk for that period of time.

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    pimix2009 Guest
    I would try to back up on a different PS3 and see if I get the same result. But i don't think it's the laser because the UFC 2010 game was huge and it copied it fine.

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    PurpleSkunk Guest
    Doesn't really mean something, I've already seen PS3 which would correctly backup a given game and not backup another one. So TheShroomster MAY be right.

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