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    Question [UnAnswered] PS3 Aussie Firmware Question

    Hey guys, sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't find it in the search. I live in Australia and will be going to Japan soon for a hol. I am going to get a PS3 when I'm there as the 20g version is about half the price we pay for a 60g.

    Anyway my question is, how do I make sure I update with the right region firmware? (Will the update in the console's OS get the right one?) and what will happen if I install say an Australian or US firmware?

    Cheers in advance

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    I believe when you connect to the PSN it will know which version of the firmware is required for your console and I have read on another post that so far the firmware update files are identical for all regions.

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    There shouldn't be any probs with firmwares from other regions. Myself, I also have a PS3 from Japan and I have installed both US and EUR firmwares without hassle (had my console since launch too).

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    I'm not sure whether you can install different firmware region to the ps3 or not but now that you mention it.... I'm pretty sure mine is HK and I installed a US region 1.50 and it was fine.

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    I have an Aussie PS3 with US Firmware added on - works fine (did it just for Warhawk)

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    Thanks for the info guys. Put my mind at ease after reading on the sony website saying that diferent firmwares could damage the unit

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    sony says alot of crap

    a way to test just where your 'real' firmware should be coming from is to check the logs in ps3proxy, it will show you just where it's looking. It would be interesting to see if it changes when new firmware is installed from different regions, or maybe it's based on the user signed in...

    PS - although games don't have region coding, blu-ray movies apparantly do - so that might be a factor
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    Yeah I knew it might be B.S but I wasn't sure with the PAL/NTSC thing. The firmware dosn't change the output?

    Movies are a good point tho... I don' t think if I update with aussie firmware it will let me play my region 4 dvds. Seems like a too easy work around. Besides I plan to get bluray movies from the states, more choice and cheaper lol

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