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Thread: PS3 Audio problem (HDMI-AV Cable) help?

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    adr990 Guest

    PS3 Audio problem (HDMI-AV Cable) help?

    Hello everyone,

    I recently started using a HDMI cable, for the 1080p. But I still have this old amplifier which I want the audio from, but it has no HDMI/Optical cable port, just RCA. (White/Red cabels)

    So I thought I could still use the audio from the AV Cable, but video from the HDMI.

    But no matter what I apply in the XMB, it refuses to let the audio go to the amplifier. It somehow (even with the settings for AV cables) passes the audio through the HDMI cable to the TV.

    I hope anyone here could help me out with this, heh.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Ni72ous Guest
    I have setup my sons PS3 like this, go through the display settings again and when its finished it will ask if you want to do audio settings, change them and select av cable as output.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    There's a setting in there (I think it's under audio settings) for "Multi-output" if you turn that on the sound will travel through both though after setting the display it should as Ni72ous says give you the choice of where the audio is to be transmitted from.

    I'd be careful to make sure you turn off things like DTS etc if your amp doesn't support them otherwise you'll get some weird audio problems that are hard to pin point.

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    MePhIsTo1922 Guest
    Hi adr990,

    You need an HDMI cable and a multi-AV cable (or an optical cable if your amp has an input for it).
    Both cables plug into the PS3 and connect to your TV and amplifier.

    Settings in your PS3:
    Settings => Sound-Settings => Audio-Output-Settings => Audio-Input port/SCART/AV Multi and this is important
    Settings => Sound-Settings => Audio Multi-Output => On

    You should now be on your TV and the amplifier will sound.

    I hope I could help you.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    You don't really need to have the Audio Multi-Output option on - just be sure to select the sound output to be put through AV Multi.

    Also - while Multi-Output is on most of the higher Dolby etc. sound formats will be downmixed so use this option only if you really need to have both outputs active at the same time (or if you're to lazy to change it everytime you need to re-direct sound from HDMI to AV and vice versa).

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    adr990 Guest
    Thanks guys, that solved it! That I didn't see that earlier.. wow..

    I guess this topic can be closed now.. eh

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