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Thread: PS3 asks for 4.30 update help?

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    stop4sun Guest

    PS3 asks for 4.30 update help?

    Hi, im new here, never thought i will be asking for help but here i am

    So i'll start from beginning. I did plugged out power cable a little too early before it shut down. when i turned it on it asked to to a system restore or smth with no luck, tried to update using safe mode but when i selected update it just freezed. When i formated ps3 hdd with pc, now using safe mode i select update and it requires 4.30. What should i do?

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    windrider42 Guest
    What firmware was it on when you unplugged it?

    If it wants a 4.30 or higher, then just put a CFW 4.30 or 4.40 on a USB device and update it via Option 6 in Recovery.

    Or if you were on OFW, then put OFW 4.30 or higher on a USB device and update it.

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