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    PS3 80gb downgrade help?

    Hi, I have bought used ps3 80gb CECHL01 running firmware 4.11 i need to downgrade. can any one provide step by step guide for downgrading it to 3.55 it came with the base firmware version 2.45, one more thing does this console have nand or nor chip?

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    Question Teensy ++ PS3 guide for 4.11 to 3.55 help?

    Hi experts,

    I am from india there is no such downgrading services available i can get teensy ++ online, just provide me the guide how to do it.

    Is teensy ++ can be used to downgrade PS3 fat 80gb nor model from firmware 4.11 to 3.55? also can any one provide me safe & step by step guide for downgrading PS3.

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