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Thread: PS3 80710101 error help?

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    MrFRENZY Guest

    PS3 80710101 error help?

    i am using sen enabler / disabler 4.31 rogero and this has let me trick my system that i dont need the latest update but i still get the error 80710101 when trying to sign up for the psn network i have no idea what it could be ... Its driving me crazy , when i search it they are just talking about about dns error crap which i have tried changing numbers there etc etc but no luck!!!

    all my internet checks and ip stuff seems fine on my ps3 i can even use my web browser but no psn....

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    snos2 Guest
    the psn/sen enablers are patched quite quickly by sony , i recommend you try rebug 4.21-1 and just use rebug mode.

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