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    pimix2009 Guest

    Question PS3 8002f1f9 Error Code help?

    So I had a PS3 with YLOD and cleaned it up and it worked but since it was already on 4.20 I decided to update it to the latest firmware. I downloaded it from PSN's website then things just haven't been working. I get this code 8002f1f9 even tho I'm updating from Recovery Mode. Anybody know how to fix the issue ?

    I tried removing the HDD and have windows format it. Otherwise it will keep rebooting and trying and trying to install the update but always fails at 70% and when this happens, u can't access recovery mode so that's why I used Windows to make the HDD blank in order to access recovery mode

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    mschumacher69 Guest
    Is the BD Drive logic board connected and working?

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    pimix2009 Guest
    I have everything connect, when it was all cleaned up from YLOD I even put a disc in and played a game for two hours.

    For everyone with this problem. This happens due to bad bluetooth/Wifi board so make sure that the cable for it its firmly connected or replace the board.

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    drphuz Guest
    that happened to me and i had no idea what was up. Now i can get my phat working again thanks man.

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