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Thread: PS3 8002F087 error, no hard drive help?

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    fizzydrink Guest

    PS3 8002F087 error, no hard drive help?


    sorry for the long winded 2nd post. i recently got a 60gb ps3, cecha12 now...

    when i boot it up, it automatcally starts trying to update, gets to about 8% then shows the above error code. googling finds other people that have it but no solution and sony support dont have it i their database. (although quite willing for me to pay 200 bucks to find out) i cant get in to the restore or anything from here.

    a mate has a ylod, so pulled his hard drive out an put it in mine. boot up, black screen. nothing shows. however i can boot into recovery mode.

    the options all reboot into a black screen when selected.(ie dont do anything) except rebuild and restore system state hard drive cannot be accessed. when i choose update firmware, it asks to put a firmware ver 3.10 or higher on a usb.

    i do this with a few i have found and it says 'checking' then a serious error has occurred. i have not tried the latest firmware yet because if i can run it with a 3.55 or lower it would be good. however the latest firmware is plan b if need be.

    i have tried formatting the old drive to fat32 and tried another 120gb formatted but they boot to a black screen. the machine has not bee opened and all stickers etc are intact.

    does anyone have any ideas before i bite the bullet and send to sony? (who will send me a refurbished 120gb slim.. no thanks!)



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    niwakun Guest
    either bad contact on the SATA pins on your HDD or the SATA Host on PS3 itself (I highly doubt this due to PIN connectors in PS3 are gold plated), or the PS3's SATA Controller is already that bad, my advice is send it to sony since no one can fix that error.

    If it is the 3.55 you were concern of, just buy another new one.

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    fizzydrink Guest
    Thanks. Not really what I wanted to hear

    Picked up the Machine thinking out would be a cheap fix. Guess it won't be. Might cut my losses and turf it

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