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    PS3 8002892b error inviting to friend help?

    I was wondering to anybody get a 8002892b error when you invite a friend. I tried on NBA 2k13 and always get a error cant sent message I can send regular messages fine. When he sends me a invite I accepted it then it ask me to insert a bluray to continue I say ok but it do not ride it my disc drive is shot. I'm on ps3ita dex 4.21 0.9

    If someone can help i'll appreciate it... thanx

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    Check your firewall? Maybe try making a new PS3 Internet connection and try again.

    It is an internet issue of some sort.

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    Thanx for the help imma go ahead and try it then tell you if it work... thanx again

    i tried to make a new connection and turned both firewalls off but i'm am getting the same message i can send regular messages this only happens when i invite somebody. when the invite me the game go's back to the xmb and say insert blu ray to continue

    If someone knows what is going on I'll appreciate it.

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