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    Ps3 60gb with ps2 support?

    I have a 60gb ps3 with ps2 support.

    Like to know if someone is working on adding ps2 backup support with the "Backup maneger" in the future???

    Sorry if itīs a noob quistion

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    Aug 2010
    The supports not here yet and at the moment probably the main focus of the devs will be that you can play games with having a disc in the bd drive and surely someone will work on this so wait a bit and soon you'll be able to play backups.

    You can use the swap disc method here not sure if it still works or not haven't tried it for a long time.

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    I also have a launch 60gb an I noticed something about ps2 and psx games on the ps3 running Jailbreak. Neither one would show up in the xmb but in ftp server they show up just fine. Is dev mode in ps3 meant to not be able to play those games? Or does it have something to do with the payload of the JB itself psfreedom in my case. Any way it would be sweet for a dev to come out with a usb loader for those systems that have the hardware to play them.

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    Without having a disc insert, you mean (?).

    @ Topic : No notes till today, sorry.

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    I really thought that if you had already the PS2 support, you could play PS2 backup with backup manager already !!

    Well if it does not, it will surely be an update very soon .. probably not that hard to code !!

    Martin L.

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    It says exactly the same thing in different words.

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    The exactly what i said but in different words. The new Backup Manager allows you to play backup without having to insert a game.

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    It's maybe just a matter of time then, it would be nice to have all my ps2 games on my hdd. And my blueray drive on my 60GB is not working any more, so im so happy to see that a no disk needed for backup maneger is on the way lol.

    Maybe i will try the swap disc method, i think my brother have a swap disc still, i hope...

    But i have 2 ps3's that on 3.41, so that nice :-) So if i get the 60gb virsion working with backup then i can update my NEW one.


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