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Thread: PS3 60gb infectus questions help?

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    brendanj9554 Guest

    Question PS3 60gb infectus questions help?

    hi ppl,

    i have been lucky enough to get hold of a launch ps3 60gb on fw 3.41. i am about to install an infectus 2. i have some questions

    1. if i make a nand backup of fw 3.41 and update to 3.55 is it possible to just flash 3.41 whenever i want to downgrade? or is it more involved?

    2. same as above, but from 3.55 > 4.00 then 4.00 > 3.55/3.41

    i am a bit confused with all the files needed like 'factory/service mode' not to sure if i would need this as i am using direct nand flashes.

    hopefully somebody can help me, +rep for anybody who can. (i will also be doing a video of my infectus install > could possibly help ppl learn how to solder to test points etc)

    thanks guys

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Yes you can. Save your backup and reflash when needed. But you will have to reinstall the files on the hdd too. Meaning you can not use the hdd with files of 3.55/4.0 without reinstalling it. But the ps3 will do that automaticly or you get a second hdd for the other fw then you just need to swap them when flashing the fw.

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    brendanj9554 Guest
    perfect, thats the good news i was hoping for, i have got x3 hdd's as i knew the ps3 would prompt a format. have been searching around for decent info, but sooo confusing with lv2 factory/service etc.

    thanks buddy +Rep

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