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Thread: PS3 60Gb Fat Question on 3.55 help?

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    envelopes Guest

    PS3 60Gb Fat Question on 3.55 help?

    So, I was going to get a 2.76 40gb fat console, that's not happening now, its bust

    I might get a 60gb phat, that was downgraded from a higher firmware to 3.55 OFW (it needed a new blu ray drive, so the firmware was downgraded to remarry the new drive).

    I read someplace that before CFW is installed (3.55 CFW), there is something that needs to be done (not QA, something else), I think it makes the CFW install actually work. Any ideas what I'm talking about?

    Anyway, I think what I'm thinking off is dehashing, is that the same as QA flagging? Whats happens if QA flagged twice.

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    misiozol Guest
    Same thing apples as in here: , but you are on 3.55 nothing changes , no point for new post

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    envelopes Guest
    Okay thanks. I was wondering if instructions change specifically because the console has been downgraded from a higher version rather then updated from lower version

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    racer0018 Guest
    Nope just make sure that the person Q&A the system after he installed the new drive. thanks

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