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Thread: PS3 60GB cannot Update firmware help?

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    naive1016 Guest

    PS3 60GB cannot Update firmware help?

    Hey this is my cousin's PS3. This was like a month after it came out. Well its stuck on firmware 2.71, I think, and whenever we try to update the firmware to 3.41, we get an error code saying to restart the PS3. Now I don't have the PS3 on me so I don't exactly remember the code.

    Not sure what has happened with it because it's not exactly mine and I wouldn't know what he did to it. Anybody had a problem like this and fixed it? We also changed the hard drive to check if that fixed it but nothing has changed. We need 3.41 to jailbreak it correct?

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    aamir007 Guest
    Does it have a working blu-ray drive?

    As PS3 with broken blu-ray boards are unable to update. If so that is why and i don't think you'll be able to update.

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    EiKii Guest
    yes i did as aamir007 says it refuses to update if BD board is non functional.

    That would apply to if ANY hardware is malfunctioning as the update checks the hardware, and if there is any error it halts,

    sometimes tho it can be as easy as a cable/bad connection to solve it, there is probably guides around the net how and where to start looking for the faulty device.

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    naive1016 Guest
    The blu ray drive still works. They play games and watch blu ray movies on it still.

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    Natepig Guest
    Perhaps you should try to update to the firmware version which came after the one you are on now. It might just be that it will work if you do that then work your way up to 3.41. At least you will be able to rule out a bad copy of 3.41 if it dosen't work.

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    BwE Guest
    do it through the recovery menu

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    cackalack Guest
    after a couple of failed attempts it will give you an error code this will help narrow down the malfunctioning hardware as SK Group says try the updating from the recovery menu via memory stick although if it is a hardware issue the update still won't complete, what percentage does it get to before restarting if it's over 60-70% the issue is with likely to be your bluray logic board even though games and movies still play there can still be some problem there.

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    lucasnooker Guest
    I know that this is a old post now, but i'm having the same problem. the bluray drive in my 60gb ps3 was originally broke. i can not update to 3.55. now i have fixed the drive after buying a replacement on ebay and switching the logic boards.

    the drive works flawlessly but i still can not update my ps3s system, i can copy the update from memory stick to the hard drive ready for install, but when installing the installation stops at 3% and gives me a error.

    when i try installing from recovery mode it says that the data is corrupted. even though i used a update from my region, from an official ps3 game. any help?

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    severusx Guest
    Use the PS3 MFW tool, it recently updated and will allow you to create a MFW that will update even if a console has a bad board.

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