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Thread: PS3 60 GB Reset Switch Pin Problem help?

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    Alucard77 Guest

    PS3 60 GB Reset Switch Pin Problem help?

    Hi All,

    I recently reflowed my 60GB PS3, but messed up the piece that connects to the Mother Board that connects to the Power/Reset/Eject Cable. So I need that piece and the cable.

    I have seen the cable everywhere, just not that piece. So 2 quick questions:

    1- What is the piece called so I could search on it.
    2- Anyone know a place where I could get it?


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    windrider42 Guest
    Ok to be sure what your talking about, you can get the Reset Switch board

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    Alucard77 Guest
    Actually, I was looking for this piece:

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    cfwprophet Guest
    I don't think that a console store will have this but a good electrical store should have it. Its a normal flat cable connector. Keep an eye on the pins of the connector.

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    Alucard77 Guest
    Will this work? This is really the closest I have seen. Even on ebay:

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Link doesn't work for me but i found the same connector on ebay. I don't think that this will work. This one works with pin's if i've seen correct. You need a flat cable connector without pins and it should have feeds to solder. Give an eye on the connector on the ps3's mb and be sure to have the correct number of feeds.

    Ok found a site only for flat cable connectors im looking right now, it's no IDC... still searching the right one...

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    Alucard77 Guest
    I don't think it needs soldering. That piece is not soldered to the Mobo at all. You could pull that piece off. I used too much force, and it cracked when I tried, but it comes off if your not a retard like me.

    But yeah, I have not seen any at all. I may buy a new cable and just try to see if it works even if that piece is cracked. Technically it should.

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    cfwprophet Guest
    Not soldered ? Hmmm... then you can bend the connectors and solder the cable onto it and fix it with hot-glue. Or you can get a kind of glue with high metal in it. It's for soldering or better say non-soldering and you can glue connections with it they are broken.

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    tysfamily Guest
    You broke the piece off of the Motherboard from the looks of your picture. Best bet is to buy a trashed Motherdoard off of ebay. Buy some Desoldering cloth or desoldering braid (which ever you want to call it) from Radio Shack, remove both pieces and resolder the good one back on.

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