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    Zeborg Guest

    ps3 40gb "generic FW"

    my question is why the ps3 40gb have the capacity of make ps2 memory cards?

    future ps2 software upgrade? or laziness programmers who don't wipe that part of firmware for ps3 40gb?

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    recluSed Guest
    As far as I know, any PS3 has the ability to make a virtual PS2 memory card... why would the 40gig not?

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    Zeborg Guest
    because ps3 40gb has no backward compatibility with ps2. with that, is pointless have that.

    for that reason.. keeping the feature on the ps3 40gb.. future implementation and better soft compatibility with ps2?

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    ccfman2004 Guest
    I assume that it could be possible that Sony could release a PS1/PS2 compatibility layer that you have to purchase from the Playstation Store that would allow backwards compatibility.

    I have a 60gb PS3 and there some PS2 games that do not work properly even though I thought it was supposed to have the emotion engine chip built in to allow 100% BC.

    In the meantime, you can still backup your PS1/PS2 Memory card to the PS3 and then copy the saves to an SD card for safekeeping.

    This is interesting, I thought the 40gb PS3's had 0 Backwards compatibility.

    I did not know it could play some PS1 games.

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    mattdrumgod Guest
    That is pretty interesting. I'm guessing they just installed that option on all ps3's to avoid extra work. I think people may be hoping for a lost cause by waiting for a firmware update that allows the use of ps2 games on those consoles.

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