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    nannou Guest

    Ps3 40gb faulty drive?

    I recently acquired an used ps3 with a faulty br-drive. My question is: how do I now if i should buy just the laser or if I should buy everything?

  2. #2
    deary Guest
    If you have 'some' tech skills, you could try to change the laser.

    Have you tried to clean the lense?

  3. #3
    nannou Guest
    yes but what i want to know is if I have to buy the laser or the deck.

  4. #4
    aamir007 Guest
    Firstly what is wrong, does it read the disc and show in xmb? does it spin the disc? The first step with anything is finding out what's wrong.

  5. #5
    nannou Guest
    it doesn't show on the xmb. I've also tried a dvd movie and it doesn't show either. how can i tell if the disc is spinning?

  6. #6
    aamir007 Guest
    You'll have to open it up and turn it on to see if the disc is spinning or listen very carefully.

    If it doesn't show in XMB i believe you may need to buy a new drive. Which can set you back around 60 if you can install it yourself, there are many videos on youtube that show you how but only do so if you have the skill because you could end up destroying the console.

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    nannou Guest
    I can do it by myself. so i should just buy the laser and deck combo?

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