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Thread: PS3 4.60 OFW to a CFW help?

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    PS3 4.60 OFW to a CFW help?

    Hello, i'm trying to get my ps3 jailbroken but i hear you have to downgrade or like something like go from a official firmware to a cfw but i dont know how. i watch video about like ferrox custom firmware but they say you need to like downgrade to a cfw but i honestly dont know how

    please help! I just wanna know how to get from a ofw to a cfw!

    Also i am running 4.60 ofw on my ps3 console.

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    You will need to check your PS3 model, if it's CECH 2501a or below it can be downgraded, if it's above that (3000 for example) then it can't be downgraded.

    If you need it downgraded, refer to this thread for someone who does them here:

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