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Thread: PS3 4.55 to cfw 4.60 help?

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    andrian1234 Guest

    PS3 4.55 to cfw 4.60 help?

    Hi, i have ofw 4.55 and i was wondering if i can put the cfw 4.60 when it will be released?

    W8ing answers.

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    Liongooder Guest
    Check your PS3 model, if its 25XX or below then you can downgrade to 3.55 then upgrade to 4.60 if its 3000 or above then you can't & i don't recommend switching to cobra cause it simply sucks with so many bugs.. especially with 4.55 & 4.60.

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    racer0018 Guest
    If it is on ofw 4.55 you will need a hardware flasher to downgrade the system to install Cfw. If the system is model Cech 2501a and below it can be downgraded and if it is above that it can't be downgraded. Thanks.

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