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Thread: PS3 4.53 jailbreak and mods help?

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    Lucifor89 Guest

    PS3 4.53 jailbreak and mods help?

    ok so before people start calling me a noob i will admit i have been a gamer ever since i was little but i always played the games straight and im starting to see all the cool stuff u can do with jailbroken ps3s and mods n stuff. but i have no clue how to do it.

    i'm running version 4.53 on a like2-3 year old slim. i have a 16gb flash drive to help me do the jail break. but i need help doing it. and idk what i need on my computer to do the download and unzipping files n stuff. someone please help a new guy.

    and no i'm not a devil worshipor, its just a gaming name to me so please don't be offended by the name. if you prefer you can call me by my real name dustin

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    windrider42 Guest
    Welcome Lucifor89... you name is spelled different from Devil anyway , although remember he is God's Brother.

    Anyway aside from that, read here -

    Basically if your on OFW 4.53, you will need to have your PS3 downgraded in order to get CFW

    You can do this by either hardware flashing or pay someone like racer0018 if your in the USA to do it for you.

    This can't be done by just downloading files. So do some reading in the link I gave you.

    As for mods etc, depends upon which you want. Ask about the mods individually and we can help.

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    NTA Guest
    I thought racer retired from the ps3 scene

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