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Thread: PS3 4.50 jailbreak help?

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    actionsack Guest

    PS3 4.50 jailbreak help?

    Hi i've been wanting to jailbreak my ps3 forever now and i need some help!! I am running 4.50 firmware and i ether need to jailbreak (if the is any for 4.50) or downgrade to 3.55 and then jailbreak ether two will work.

    If anyone does respond please please don't put survey links on this thread (there stressful).

    Thanks for your time!!

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    syborftw Guest
    use a flasher

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    smoggdogguk Guest


    Now with the release off the ps4 will we ever see a new jailbreak for ps3 without hardware flasher or even away to downgrade with out one?

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    actionsack Guest
    Is that the only way???

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    xelnor Guest
    look up Steven CEX-4.50

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