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Thread: PS3 4.46 Jailbreak help?

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    ubadugani Guest

    Angry PS3 4.46 Jailbreak help?

    Where ever i look, I cannot get a PS3 4.46 jailbreak .PUP data that isn't guarded by survey or password!! If someone can tell me where I could get it without survey or password, that would be great.

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    Apr 2005
    If you do a search, you will see this has been asked numerous times.. here are just a few examples:

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    ansel007 Guest
    Hey people I am totally new to this, I just have a quick question. I recently bought a ps3 slim the 12 gig. I've heard about this jailbreak and hacking. I want to know if I can do this with my ps3? Can somebody please tell me how to go about doing it?

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    Kristian01 Guest
    Hey i'm new too, but what firmware version do you have 4.46?

    you can check by going to system settings > PS3 information. and it will say the version i believe.

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    metzen Guest
    Sorry your unit is not jaibreakable. You need to have a model that can run FW 3.55. Please read the FAQ section to determine which model PS3's to look for.

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