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    dm0d Guest

    PS3 4.46 Downgrading help?

    My system is currently running 4.41 OFW and able to be downgraded using a flasher. If I upgrade to 4.46 OFW, will I still be able to downgrade it to 3.55 at a later date? Also if I downgrade and put on a 4.46 CFW will I be able to run Netflix on it? Reading the descriptions I believe I can, but I just want to double check. Thank you guys

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    jensen76 Guest
    yes 4.46 can be downgraded and even using only netflix can get you banned..

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    JeoWay Guest
    Yes you can still downgrade from any firmware AS LONG AS your base firmware is 3.55 (Basically means that your ps3 must be a 2k model or lower)

    Use MinVerChk.PUP to check. If it is 3.55 or lower, then you are set! If its over 3.55, well, you cant.

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