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Thread: PS3 4.41 OFW Downgrade help?

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    KaiViti Guest

    Unhappy PS3 4.41 OFW Downgrade help?

    Hi All, I have a 320GB console slim that has base OFW of 3.40 so the following I did to downgrade to 3.55:

    1. I downloaded the downgrader pup file from as shown in the following video:

    Tried to downgrade... pup file detected was 4.41 to 3.55..yet there was an error while copying files beyond 70% also tried in safe mode. So I took the other route thinking this might work

    2. Downloaded CFW 4.41 from: following the video:

    All was good But then the pkg files mM 4.30.00 could not be read So I went on trying the downgrader PUP (4.41 to 3.55) What I noticed during update via storage read downgrade 4.25 to 3.55 !!!

    Went back to chk the System Version... it still reads 4.41

    PLEASE HELP.. want to run on CFW.

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you are ofw and trying to downgrade you need a hardware flasher that will read the nor chip. And then you have to patch that nor chip with the downgrade files. From there you write it back to the nor chip and then need something to put the ps3 into service mode and you can downgrade it. The downgrade pup is meant for ps3s that are already on Cfw like rogero or rebug 4.41. You will need a progskeet, e3 or a teensy and solder it in. Or send it to someone that does downgrades like me. Thanks.

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