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Thread: PS3 4.41 OFW to CFW problem help?

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    ardentika Guest

    PS3 4.41 OFW to CFW problem help?

    So today I made the big mistake to upgrade my console to 4.41 and now I have no idea how to put CFW since nothing works, it always says that the data is corrupted... I have tried with SO MANY files and nothing... I can't obviously downgrade it without a flasher or any other and I am absolutely stuck... Please help

    P.S. I'm very new in all of this stuff so don't be too harsh, I'm still a newbie

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    mrgameraddict Guest
    I'm sorry but any firmware you install that came from official sony higher than 3.55 will prevent you to have custom firmware unless you're on 3.55 or lower. did you just updated from a custom firmware before? what model number of your ps3 do you have?

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    ardentika Guest
    the model is 7D, and I update it from Internet

    Is there anything I can do? I'm trying to get the CFW 4.41 Rebug but I keep getting errors that the data is corrupted...

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    mrgameraddict Guest
    i think there's no ps3 that has a model number of 7d, you could find it underneath the console if you have the slim version (not the superslim version). It should be like "CECH-2XXX" So if you have the ps3 slim with the digit of 2 on the start of the numbers, well you have a chance of downgrading it then do the jailbreak. ps3s with like "CECH-3xxx" are unjailbreakable and undowngradable.

    But you know what if you really dont have a chance to have custom firmware, well sony's official firmwares are for yours. you could buy second handed games or trade for getting cheap games. and of course, worry-free of getting connected to psn online.

    Another question, does your console is still usable? what do you mean to the error message "data is corrupted"? can't you get to the xmb?

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    ardentika Guest
    My console is jailbreakable, I have checked it's not slim it's fat, and I think it still works fine, I'm just getting those errors when I try to install the CFW 4.41 Rebug or anything else actually...

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    Azrial Guest
    Once you've upgraded to OFW 4.41, your stuck on it, unless you have a flasher, there is no other way, sorry.

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    melvin2red Guest

    Cool I'm new here

    hi I'm new to all this so I really didn't know where to start. lol I don't where to start my own post about how to downgrade ps3 from a 4.41 to 3.55 ofw, because my blue ray player is gone, I don't have the money to get it replace. so I'm try to downgrade it so I can use rogero 4.40. please help if anybody have the time. thank you so much.

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    ardentika Guest
    Well, obviously you can't do that yourself, you have to take it to a specialist as I did

    Apparently, when you update it to 4.41 OFW the system is preventing you from downgrading it with a software you have to use an external hardware flasher. I suggest you take it to a professionalist, because to put this flasher you have to open your ps3, and that's a serious stuff to do cause if you don't know what you're doing you might break it

    For 2 days of reading I became an absolute pro in this area ahah

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    racer0018 Guest
    If in the states I do these downgrades. You are stuck without a hardware flasher. Thanks.

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