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Thread: PS3 4.41 firmware 2k slim downgrade help?

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    chapo87 Guest

    PS3 4.41 firmware 2k slim downgrade help?

    ok i just got my son a used ps3 with 4.41 firmware and 2k slim and i been reading around about jailbreaking my ps3 but some say i need to downgrade with a flasher or something like and then i watch a video and it looks easy to do that. i'm scared to do it so i'm here asking what do i really need to do?

    and after i jailbreak it what program do i need to use just that basic stuff to play games and what do i need to do to prevent to get ban?

    thanks in advance

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    misiozol Guest
    Well you know it doesn't hurt to use search option many times was here , but in short you need hardware flasher to downgrade.

    BTW not all slim versions can be downgraded , and it JUST LOOK easy , if your scared give someone to do it couple of users on this forum is providing this service.

    BTW2 no such thing as preventing a ban you can be extra careful/causes and still wont have any guaranty

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