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    Tobyuk Guest

    PS3 on 4.41 demo mode reverter help?

    Hi guys,

    I need your help!! I had a playstation on 3.55 jb.. anyway the rest was stupid by me i know but i wanted to get a newer jb which i thought was possible and that was joey 4.20 beta v1. Anyway after the install it seemed it was installing 4.20 but anyway when the process finished i have now ended up on 4.41 demo mode??

    I have the security pass now which half unlocks it but you can not really do much with the unlock code anyway. I have looked at it as to say goodbye to my JB and now i think the best bet for me is to install the OFW 4.41 but I can not even install that? it does not reconise it as the right version as it keeps telling me to insert something 4.41 or higher which it suppose to be 4.41 im installing.

    Is my playstation dead now as for a games console or is there a way around this to get it official again?



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    JeoWay Guest
    Yes, there is a way to re-install OFW. This needs to be done by a special patched PS3UPDAT.PUP. Although, your jailbreak will no longer be installable due to being above 3.55. But you can downgrade back to 3.55 with a flasher too.

    If you need to create a bootable PUP in shop firmware, I recommend downloading the latest (4.41) OFW and downloading the dutch version of MFW Builder (Unofficial Build recommended), and then selecting the task that allows to create a reverter for installing a CEX (OFW) firmware on your Shop firmware version. You should then be on 4.41 Official firmware by that point.

    Like I said, you lost your Jailbreak (unless you have a flasher). NEVER use GlitchyJoey, he was proven fake the moment he released the shop files. The only real 4.XX CFW that is out now is the Rogero & Rebug (recommended). Always check with another developer or someone who has tons of knowledge on ps3 before making an choice (if your not sure). Thats always best.

    Hope your console gets back to CEX properly Try tjhookers reverters and seeing if he has a 4.41 reverter.

    Although I don't him personally, his reverters work, and that's all that matters. He can be a pain though if you say something about a reverter not working properly just to be aware.

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    Tobyuk Guest

    done :)

    Hi and thank you for the reply. I totally agree with everything you said stupid of me.. now i'm back to 4.41.

    I have a few with 3.55 on and a 2.74 i will have to dig them out ready for repair i think

    Thank you again for the reply.


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    JeoWay Guest
    No problem! I would have made you a reverter, but I went and got some Panda Express to eat

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