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    mrpostiga Guest

    Question PS3 4.40 downgrade possible to 3.40 help?

    i have a ps3 here with the OFW 4.40 installed and the downgrade is possible to 3.40, i want to downgrade to 3.55...

    How i make this without E3 flasher?

    My PS3 version is CECH-2504A

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    xROGU3xJ3DIx Guest


    This is what I have been looking for as well, been searching for days now with no real answer and I'm tired of filling out surveys for incorrect passwords and such...

  3. #3
    mrpostiga Guest
    yup, and surveys are all fakes...

  4. #4
    xROGU3xJ3DIx Guest
    Thats what i have come to find out...

  5. #5
    jensen76 Guest
    you can't downgrade whit out an e3 or progskeet or other hardware. end of story...

  6. #6
    Blade86 Guest
    I meant WITHOUT a hardware flasher ...

  7. #7
    racer0018 Guest
    You can't downgrade without having a hardware flasher. Sorry.

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