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Thread: PS3 4.35 Update Disabled Blu Ray Drive help?

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    Wallersworld Guest

    Unhappy PS3 4.35 Update Disabled Blu Ray Drive help?

    For those who have not done so DO NOT install optional firmware update 4.53. It has disabled my Blu Ray drive which will now not play any disc of any type. Does anyone know of a work around? My machine is an old 40gb and has not been modded or altered in any way.

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    misiozol Guest
    Contact $ony ASAP and explain , there is no work around as console is not on CFW , and if what you are saying is true not just coincidence "dead laser , logic board etc." then $ony has some fixing to do. I doubt that $ony will want to help you out freely as console is out of warranty

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    Wallersworld Guest
    Misiozol thanks for your help. I have seen so | don't believe it is an isolated problem. The drive was working perfectlt before the update. I have contacted Sony and received a case number and that it at the moment.

    Just before Christmas Mmmmmmmm not a coincidence I feel

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    misiozol Guest
    Just keep us up to date how it end up

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