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Thread: PS3 4.31 OFW to CFW help?

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    emperorkhan Guest

    PS3 4.31 OFW to CFW help?

    Hello i am newbie, i have a question , i am using ps3 fat 40gb with OFW 4.31 , is there any chance to convert 4.31 OFW to CFW and play the games from usb disc or something like that?

    thank you for your answers

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    servo386 Guest
    Well, I am a newbie as well, at least to thee forums. However, I've read enough of the relevant "literature" aka forums and tutorials, to know that this in fact not possible at the moment. The entire gist of ps3 hacking world, at the moment, is that of DOWNGRADING your firmware to version 3.55, the last exploitable firmware as of right now. Once done, the jailbreaking/hacking is relatively simple.

    The whole point is, though, that the machine needs to have OFW of 3.55 in order to do anything at all. Now, downgrading it to that from a higher firmware? THATS the difficult part. It involves physical modding with chips and nands and nors and more dumps than a pack of elephants who ate mexican food. In short no. There are rumors that it is in the works though. I just saved you like 2 hours of trawling forums!

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