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    Logan2 Guest

    PS3 4.31 Demo Mode help?


    my nephew, tried to Jailbreak is 160gb slim 4.31, however he has put the console into demonstration mode. I have tried putting OFW 4.31 on a FAT32 flash drive PS3/UPDATE from restore menu, but i keep getting corruption error, i have also format the HDD in hope that would work, but nope, nothing. Any help would greatly be appreciated.

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    Apr 2005


    You can try code 6558 as listed for 4.30 here to unlock 4.31, it may work for all 4.3x revisions or not... let us know.

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    Logan2 Guest
    I have managed to get access to most of the console with the code 6558, however i still cannot access PSN store and im also unable to install any games to the HDD. Also everytime i power off the PS3 i have to enter the 6558 code.

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    Redouan14 Guest
    i know a way to put your PS3 to normal but can you gameshare if it works

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