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Thread: PS3 4.30 Jailbreak question help?

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    PS3 4.30 Jailbreak question help?

    i have read and investigated but cant find deffinate answer, can i jailbreak my ps3?, it is on ofw 4.30. If i can where can i download the real files. i downloaded a zipped file but it didnt have the update file in it just a bunch of other ps3 files, i assumed they were for ps3's that were already jailbroken. please help. OH yea i am new to cfw for ps3 and new here so hello everyone and sorry for (the very old) question it is just so hard to decipher fact and fake on the internet. thanks for the info

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    Itheunknown Guest
    To my knowledge, what defines if a PS3 can be jailbroken or not is the model because there's a minimum level each model can be downgraded to. Keep in mind you must be able to downgrade to OFW 3.55, some models can be downgraded with software, others only with a hardware flasher. In order to help you more, you can tell us the model of your PS3 (CECH-xxxx)

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