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Thread: PS3 4.30 CFW questions help?

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    Arrow Guest

    PS3 4.30 CFW questions help?

    So...i joined this site to know some tricks about the ps3! It looks amazing so far! The only thing i cant understand though is how to jailbreak my ps3.. (i need to do this for some personal reasons)

    I have the latest Official update! (the 4.30+ i think) Can someone explain to me how to make it jailbroken and how to make my usb capable to jailbroke it? Also can someone tell me if this is permanent? Cause i want to change it to official from time to time..

    Thanks for the help, if any !

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    hilongo Guest
    As for the time being ... you will not be able to install any CFW without the help of a Hardware flasher.... That would involve opening your PS3 and soldering or clipping, depending on the lasher you have.

    There is no other way for OFW greaterthan 3.55


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    fantopoulos Guest
    you need a flasher and soldering skills sorry could not give better news.

    if not mistaken there is a downgrader 999 and qa.toggle which i used few times to switch to firmware rogero 4.30 for the other 3.40 group rogero is by far best unless you like rebug 4.21 i find it appalling and am a programmer so it a matter of personal preference.

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    BluRay Guest
    fanto, using a clip removes all the necessity of having soldering skills. You'll still need to know how to open your PS3 though, but a few youtube videos should be enough for you to get the hang of it.

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    Don1 Guest
    i'm sorry to ask this but i really need to be clear... does this mean i cant just install cfw to a ps3 that's never been opened?.. i'm new to all this...

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Nope you will have to open your PS3 no way around, and be warned the solder less clips are tricky and must be used with caution !! Never do anything before you exactly know what you do.

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